Voice Power

Be Persuasive, make your words short, sharp & memorable to change your listeners’ thinking, feelings and behavior

Course Description:

It takes just 3-5 seconds to make an impression. Research has shown that if you don’t make a good impression on the first time, you will need to make several attempts to recover from the damage your first impression caused. 

A good first impression, however, is more than just being well dressed.What tends to stay in the memories of people after hearing a speaker’s talk, is the essence of it, whether the meaning resonates with their soul, conveyed through the communication and Voice of the speaker.

Your Voice is your identity. Let us help YOU gain the mastery and power of your Voice.

Voice Power is a practical program. With this course in mastery, you will become an all-engaging high performer who will attract people towards your cause or ideas. Leaders, business people, sales professionals and other professionals will gain tremendous strides in learning how to use persuasion in their Voice, words and actions that builds life-time relationships with anyone.

Course Outcome:

At the end of the 2 day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to create resonance, timbre, space and presence

  • How to integrate mind, body & spirit

  • How to use words, tone, pauses, silences to influence others

  • How to achieve a higher and lower vocal range

  • How to construct words to be persuasive

  • How to lower your pitch to be more authoritative

  • How to discover your persona

  • How to find your personal vision/mission

  • How to get to the point

  • How to release the power of your Voice to influence others

  • How to breathe for maximum power – fuel for the voice

  • How to use words of power … the power of words